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Eventually, the cause of the Guinea hen declined presented itself. . . . .
The Guinea Hen Story
When we purchased the property out in the country, I was concerned about the deer ticks and lime disease.
I knew that Guinea hens were supposed to eat ticks and thought, in a moment of brilliance; if I get some Guinea hens . . . they will eat all the ticks . . . Problem Solved !
So, I built a Guinea hen coup and fenced it all in, ready for chicks. 

The breeder. who I asked repeatedly if a roof was needed on my chick pen, assured me that these chicks could not fly. 

I can now state, with first-hand knowledge, that Guinea hen chicks CAN fly.
Here they are after they all escaped.  I actually caught a couple of them with the pool net, however, once I had them I had nowhere to keep them after my hen coup design proved lacking - so I just let them go and run free around the grounds.
Over time, the hen population continued to decline.  I couldn't figure out what the problem was.  Eventually, I was down to one hen - fully grown.
He seemed happy though.  He used to run next door and raid the neighbor's bird feeder for kicks.  Occationally, he even hung out with the wild turkeys in the neighborhood.
Our resident Fox
. . .  And we no longer have Guinea hens